Why Doesn’t Anything Fit My Body Type?

A 2004 study of over 6000 that demonstrated only 8% of American women have an hourglass figure. The study showed that over 46% of women have a Straight body type and an additional 20% were either Pear or Spoon shapes. In spite of these findings, clothing manufacturers are slow to change their ways.

Models and mannequins both are 6 feet tall and have typical measurements of approximately 34”B-25”W-35”H. Let’s face it; clothing looks good on these figures. Designers want their clothing to look good on both models and mannequins because that is what sells clothing. So it is not just the manufacturers that need to change their ways, it is an entire industry. However, there is progress.

You can find a number of online stores that design and manufacture clothing by body type. MyShape offers clothing for 7 body types up to size 14. You will need to enter quite a few measurements, but the results appear to be pretty accurate. Igigi offers upscale plus size clothing, sizes 12-32, also for 7 shapes. This site asks a short series of questions and requires minimal measuring (we have not verified the accuracy of their system). Nordstrom offers an online “Dress Shop” that has both day and evening dresses that you can sort by body shape.

If you don’t know your measurements, visit Body Shape Guide.If you know your measurements, visit Calculate My Body Shape

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