What body type am I

What Body Type Am I?

You’re not alone asking the question, “What body type am I?” We’ve helped millions of women answer that very question with our body shape calculator and body shape guide.

To learn what your body type is, follow these steps:

  • Take your bust, waist and hip measurements
  • Enter your measurements
  • If you don’t know your measurements, find the silhouette that most closely matches your figure in the body shape guide

You’ll likely find out that you are not the body shape you thought you were. It used to be that all women had to categorize themselves as an apple or pear figure – not anymore. A study of over 6000 women has reveled that there are 8 body shapes with the majority of women falling in to the 4 categories of rectangle, spoon, inverted triangle, and hourglass body types– nary a fruit present.

With the introduction of this information, women are now more empowered to understand their body types and how to dress accordingly. There are even some clothing designers who are beginning to catch on and manufacture clothing to flatter the many different shapes of women. Learn what your body type is and how to dress your body shape by visiting our body shape calculator. Learn where to shop for clothes to flatter your figure by visiting our Hello Beautiful Blog.

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If you don’t know your measurements, visit Body Shape Guide.If you know your measurements, visit Calculate My Body Shape

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