It’s More Than Hip to Waist Ratio

A study was done asking men from diverse cultures to rank photographs of women of varying weights and proportions from most attractive to least attractive. The results were virtually consistent across all cultures: Men found women with a waist to hip ratio of .70 the most attractive irrespective of weight.

So how do you know what your hip to waist ratio is? Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement or use the calculator found in this post. For example if your waist is 28 inches and your hips are 39 inches, divide 28 by 39 to find your waist to hip ratio of .72. If you fall anywhere between .60 and .70, you are what most people would consider within the “ideal” range. Consider the measurements 36-24-36, that is a wait to hip ratio of .67.

So how does your upper body play into all of this? In another study, men were shown two series of pictures of the same woman with relatively well-balanced shoulders, bust and hips. In the first series (see “a” below) the model’s waist was digitally altered (made smaller) to increase the hip to waist ratio. In the series, men choose the smallest hip to waist ratio of .6 as the most attractive.

In the second series (see “b” below), the model’s hips were digitally altered (made larger) to increase the hip to waist ratio. In this series, men choose .7 as the most attractive, demonstrating that balance between the upper and lower body in addition to hip to waist ratio plays an important role in perceived female attractiveness.


Now, we are not saying that what men find desirable is the end-all of attractiveness.  Unfortunately, studies focus primarily on male perceptions.  However, we have found in our own personal experience that most women feel better about themselves when they dress in a way that creates symmetry and balance.  In the end what really matters is how you feel about yourself!

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