You Animal, You: Animal Prints that are Fabulously Wild!



Hot tribal looks straight off the runway.

What is wilder than a cheetah and grander than a giraffe? You are! That’s right, you in your animal prints. A woman that wears animal print is a confident and sexy woman that knows how to get attention in all the right ways.
When it comes to the animal print, it is not about what you but how you wear it. To learn more about how to use patterns on your body shape read Show Off Your Assets with Color. In the meantime, we have a few ideas about animal print that will give you that perfectly polished fashionista style that will have people turning their heads.
The animal print is a winner because it can be very flattering and accentuates all of the right curves. There are many different designs and textures but you have to choose the right print and cut. Calculate your body type to learn more about how to choose the right cuts for your body shape.

Giraffe Print– Perfect for almost any body type, but the woman with a straight shape will love it the most because it gives her the appearance of hips creating the hourglass figure. A giraffe sweater dress paired with a wide belt will be just splendid.

Zebra Print – Want to look longer and thinner? Then this is the print for you. A vertical zebra print will make you longer and lean. It’s best to choose a print that has wider stripes.
Leopard and Cheetah Print– Did you know that there was a difference between the leopard and the cheetah print? Well, cheetah is when you have simple spots (big or small) and leopard is a two tone more complicated spots. There is not a body type that can’t wear these sexy printed animals, but leopard print with a solid bottom or top looks perfect on a full-size or curvier woman. Click here to learn how to pair prints and solids for your body shape.
Here are the top picks that we crave for this year’s animal print!


Hot tribal looks straight off the runway.



Animal print tops paired with solid bottoms – we especially love animal prints paired with leather!


Animal print dresses for every size and shape.


So take a trip on the wild side and try animal print in the concrete jungle!

If you don’t know your measurements, visit Body Shape Guide.If you know your measurements, visit Calculate My Body Shape

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