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Spoon oval body shape look for less

Hello There, Beautiful:

You have been working hard and forgetting to play. Fortunate for you, your girlfriends have noticed that you have been busting your hump and plan to take you on a Girl’s Night Out! So, what are you wearing? Something simple and chic, of course!

There is no need to damage your pockets in order to look like you just stepped off the runway. You can look like a million bucks for less. We found a look that will not only fit your shape but also your budget! How awesome is that?

This look is for all of you gorgeous spoon oval shaped ladies (click here to calculate your body shape). We want you to show off those amazing legs and de-emphasize your belly. We love the color black because like Coco Chanel once mentioned, everyone should have a little black dress. We also are adding a little color because you want to be seen in your fashionable best. We know that jewelry is the next best accessory to a smile, so we found some very trendy jewelry that will make your basic black dress look extraordinary.

The Swing Dress

The swing dress is so very complimenting to the spoon shape because of the loose fit at the bottom that flares and shows off the hips while giving the waist a slimming appearance. In this dress, the sheer arms add a little sass with plenty of class. Take a look at this black Boohoo Olivia Chiffon Swing Dress.

Color Splash

A simple pop of color makes the difference between plain and powerful. Although we love the color black, it can sometimes be too serious so we add the color red for fun! We found these cute T- Strap heels at to be perfect for any occasion and definitely a winner for dancing and dining with style. Check them out here.


The Tartan Trend

Tartan is a trend that you don’t want to miss! From Victoria Beckham to Taylor Swift, these fashionable ladies have been spotted wearing the tartan trend. The tartan trend is very edgy and adds a little play to your dress up. Hold loads of cash because you saved a few bucks with this bag. That’s right, the handbags is only $15! See this awesome bag here.


Here are a few tricks to carrying a handbag:

  • Always adjust the straps to fit the comforts of your waist.
  • If you carry the bag on your shoulder, it will draw attention to your waist which will appear small with the swing dress.

It all depends on where you want to draw the most attention to your body.

Sparkling Accessories

When it comes to accessories (or the lack thereof), they can make or break the look which is why we think that adding a little sparkle to your attire is the best way to draw attention to your style. A necktie necklace and a cuff earring is a great way to focus more attention to your gorgeous face and exciting eyes. This necklace from Iconic and earring cuff from Mango is all you need to make your look the center of attention.

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Fashionably Yours,

Tweety Elitou

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