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How to Wear Monochrome

Monochrome is on trend this spring. It seems like an easy trend to figure out – just put that same color on from head to toe. But you can easily end up looking toooooo monochromatic if you’re not careful.

When mixing separates, you’ll want to wear different tints, shades and hues of the same color. I found a great little website that has plenty of monochrome palettes if you need some inspiration. This isn’t say you can’t wear color matched separates, but if you do, break up the look with some neutral accessories.

So are you ready to make a color splash? Read on to learn how to wear monochrome for your body shape. If you don’t know your body type, use our body shape calculator or body shape guide to get started learning how to dress for your body type.


Monochrome for Straight Body Shape, Hourglass Body Shape and Oval Body Shape


Monochome for Straight & Hourglass Body Types


No matter whether you are an oval, straight or hourglass body shape, you want to wear balanced tops and bottoms and create or emphasize your waist when wearing monochrome. In the example above, we used tones of green (one of the season’s most on-trend colors) with strategic placement of dark colors to create an hourglass silhouette.

  • Use our recommended clothing silhouettes for your figure you can find them here for hourglass, here for straight and here for oval.Choose clothing of similar brightness for both your top and bottom. This doesn’t mean they have to be the same shade or tint, but it does mean that one should not stand out more than the other color wise.
  • Use dark colors around your midsection to enhance or create a waistline.
  • Use colors with the same undertone (all of our greens are earth tones made up of more yellow than blue).
  • Infuse your own style, throw your shoulders back and have fun strutting your style in monochrome.


Monochrome for Pear Body Shape, Spoon Body Shape and Diamond Body Shape


monochrome for pear, spoon & diamond body shapes


For pears, spoons and diamonds you want to bring balance to your figure by wearing lighter colored tops that will elongate your shoulders with darker colored bottoms while emphasizing (or creating) your waist. In the above example, we leverage the denim-blue trend that is red-hot for 2017. We bring tons of attention to your stellar neck and shoulders with a playful and oh-so-on-trend shirt.

Use our recommended clothing silhouettes for your figure you can find them here for pear, here for spoon and here for diamond.

  • Wear light-bright tints or bold patterns on your top half.
  • Emphasize the smallest part of your waist with darker shades or fitted waists.
  • Carry large bright or bold hued bags that sit above the waist.
  • Wear bright or bold statement necklaces.
  • Wear simple dark shades on your lower half.
  • Wear shades with a similar undertone (we used all cool blues in this example).
  • Add a splash of your personality and enjoy rocking monochrome in 2017.


 Monochrome for Inverted Triangle Body Shape and Top Hourglass Body Shape

Monochrome for inverted triangle & top hourglass


As an inverted triangle or top hourglass body shape you can achieve balance by playing up your lower half. Do this by choosing simple, dark colors for your top half and playing with this seasons amazing options for light, bright and bold bottoms! In this example, we had fun with neutrals pairing an amazing, pleaded wide-leg pants with sleek separates.

  • Use our recommended clothing silhouettes for your figure you can find them here for inverted triangle and here for top hourglass.
  • Wear light, bright tints on your lower half – choose wide-leg, patterned or playful options for the most dramatic effect.
  • Chose sleek, simple shirts in darker colors.
  • Wear wide, dark belts to enhance the hourglass effect.
  • Find simple, sleek and long necklaces to add a touch of sparkle or brightness.
  • Make monochrome uniquely you by adding your own personal flare!

Now you know how to wear monochrome! Stay tuned for more spring 2017 fashion trends by liking us on facebook!

If you don’t know your measurements, visit Body Shape Guide.If you know your measurements, visit Calculate My Body Shape

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2 thoughts on “How to Wear Monochrome”

  1. Jo Stylianos says:

    I agree! Mixing textures and patterns is a great way to take the intimidation out of a monochromatic look. Using nude – this season’s most on trend neutral is also a smart way to break up monochrome.

    Thanks for sharing some wonderful thoughts!

  2. Visions says:

    Wearing the same colour head to toe can be intimidating. When wearing a monochromatic look, I like to throw in different textures and patterns to break up the look a little bit and to add visual interest. I am seriously loving the monochromatic look this season. It s no surprise how much I love patterns so it was natural to incorporate some fun prints into my look. I used the statement skirt as my key item and drew out the nude in my purse and shoes. I matched the hues on top with a bold red and nude sweater tying the whole look together.

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