4 Head-Turning Prints & Patterns for Fall 2014

Top designers’ collections are full of fresh patterns and prints to fall in love with this season. As the temperatures drop, women’s fashions are cuddling up with men’s fashions to create a high-octane mas-fem mix of exciting, fresh designs. Traditional masculine patterns like plaids are now enjoying a softer interpretation on women’s curves, and the results are breathtaking! Three other venerable favorites are back on the runways this year, too—Florals, Geometrics and Fair Isle Knits. Remember that bigger, brighter prints make areas of your body look larger, while smaller, darker prints minimize those areas. A dark belt is a simple way to minimize your waist.

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 #1. Mad for Plaid

Plaids are everywhere this season as designers embrace the classic pattern with more enthusiasm than ever. Now the timeless tartans are no longer riding along with other prints in a patchwork motif. Plaids are all grown up and taking center stage in head-to-toe fashions from the world’s greatest designers. We love the versatility of plaids because they can be serious and proper for work or fun, yet sexy and light hearted for leisure time. While shopping for plaid fashions, remember that bright, bold plaids will make areas of your body appear larger. To minimize areas, wear softer colors and smaller plaids for your body shape. Our first model wears a sexy, double slit kilt in shiny black with plaid accents. Our second model gets down to business with a fresh mix of plaids in the same color group.

Versace Fall 2014 Plaid Fashion Trend

Kilt Dressing, Versace Style


Celine Fall 2014 Plaid Fashion Trend

Mixing Plaids, Celine Style

#2. Florals                        

Even though it’s getting cooler, flowers are blooming all over designer collections this fall. From vintage red roses against black backgrounds to delicate pastel flowers and soft green leaves, Mother Nature is making a big impact on coats, jackets, dresses, skirts and pants. Floral patterns are one of our favorite looks this season because they spruce up fall and winter with natural beauty and remind us that spring isn’t far away even on the coldest day of the year.

fall 2014 floral fashion trend

Floral Prints for Fall

Badgley Mischka and J. Crew Fall 2014 Floral Fashion Trend

Florals by Badgley Mischka (left) and J. Crew


#3. Fair Isle Patterns

Gorgeous Fair Isle knits are center stage this season featuring intricate patterns of colors, geometric shapes, snowflakes and reindeer. You’ll find them on everything including robe coats, cozy oversized sweaters, sweater dresses and skirts. Fun fact: These iconic knit patterns originated over 300 years ago on Fair Isle, a tiny island in the frigid North Sea off the coast of Scotland. Now that’s a classic!

Fair Isle 2014 Fall Fashion Trend

Fair Isle Runway Fashions

Style & Co Fair Isle Fall Fashion Trend

Style&co. Fair Isle Knit Scoopneck Tunic


#4. Shape Shifting Geometrics

Eye-catching geometrics, served up in different shapes, colors and fabrics, are a top print trend on Fall 2014 runways. Designers are showing their love for polka dots, diamonds, checkers and stripes. Geometric patterns range from intricate interlocking shapes of bright colors to big, bold polka dots to muted squares defined by thin, black lines. This season’s geometrics offer limitless creative possibilities for your fashion-forward wardrobe, regardless of your body shape.

fall 2014 geometric print trend

Geometrics Runway Fashions 2014

Naimi Watts in Fall 2014 Geometric Print Trend

Naomi Watts in Geometric Print

To learn more about how to use patterns to accentuate your body type, read Show Off Your Assets With Color. No matter what your body shape is, we think these patterns will be a fabulous addition to your fall wardrobe!

If you don’t know your measurements, visit Body Shape Guide.If you know your measurements, visit Calculate My Body Shape

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