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2015 Sneak Peek: Fantastic Florals Fit for Every Fashionista

Whew! Attending New York Fashion Week can be completely exhausting! Running from show to show, jumping in and out of taxis, stopping for flicks of stylish fashionistas, and most importantly trend reporting can be a lot of work but it is all worth it when we get back to writing and sharing trends that we know are just your style like the fabulous floral trend that graced top designers runways!

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Calculate Your Waist to Hip Ratio

There is a pretty good chance you only think you have a big bottom. Studies have shown that a hip to waist ratio of .6 to .7 is considered to be the most attractive regardless of weight. This means that you waist is 60% to 70% the circumference of your hips. You can determine your hip to waist ratio using the below calculator.

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