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top hourglass body shape

Body Shape: Top Hourglass

As a Top Hourglass Body Type, you have a beautifully defined waist and bust that is larger than your hips. You have gently rounded shoulders that align nicely with your hips. Your waist is obvious and gracefully curves out to your hips. You most likely have a rounded bottom and beautiful side as well as front profile. Your upper body is proportionate in length to your legs which are shapely.

top hourglass body shape

How to Dress a Top Hourglass Body Shape

The key to dressing a Top Hourglass body type is to balance your lower body with your ample bust while accentuating your enviable waist. This is achieved by selecting clothing cuts that will fill out your lower half. You have great legs so feel free to play with skirt lengths. Read the advice below to learn more about tops, bottoms and swimsuits for your figure.


Look for tops that will accentuate your waist and help balance your bust with your hips. Look for:

  • Narrow v-necks.
  • Tops with banding or nipping at the waist.
  • Wrap-style tops.
  • Tailored shirts and jackets.
  • Dark colored tops.

tops for top hourglass body type

  1. Look for tops with narrow v-necks. This will help to visually narrow your bust. Stay away from tight tops with high or wide necklines.
  2. Fly-away cardigans with draping down the front minimizes your bust. A dark cardigan with a light-colored shell is particularly flattering.
  3. Narrow shawl collars draw attention towards the center of your body making your bust appear smaller. Look for fitted or tailored bodies to show off your waist.
  4. Dress shirts with deep-V collars visually narrows your bust. Choose tops with tailored waists that show off your hourglass figure.
  5. Wrap tops with deep V-necks and simple sleeves create a bust minimizing effect while showing off your hourglass shape. Tops should wrap at your natural waistline.
  6. Jackets with deep V-necklines, a nipped-in waist and slightly flared bottom help balance your upper and lower body. Jackets that hit at the hip bone are most flattering.


Choose bottoms that will enhance your lower body and help balance your ample bust. Try the following:

  • Pants with embellished or flap-style pockets.
  • Boot cut or slightly flared legs.
  • Full or A-line skirts.
  • Cargo pants.
  • Jeans with whiskering at the hips.

bottoms for top hourglass body shape

  1. Pants with wide or flared legs are flattering to your figure. Side pockets or flap-style back pockets help balance your bust. Cargo style pants are particularly flattering.
  2. Boot cut, slightly flared, or trouser cut jeans are the most flattering on your figure. whiskering at the hips and flap-pockets will add curves to your lower half.
  3. Pencil skirts that flare at the bottom will help balance your bust by adding a bit of volume to your lower body.
  4. A-line or full skirts help to balance your bust creating the look of a true hourglass figure.


When choosing a swimsuit for a top hourglass, the objective is to balance your bust and hips. Look for:

  • Simple halter tops.
  • Patterned or light colored bottoms paired with solid tops.
  • Bottoms with ruffles, side ties or embellishments.
  • Bottoms that cut straight across your hips.
  • Retro style one-piece suits.

swim suits for top hourglass body type

  1. simple, solid color halter tops are a good choice for a top hourglass body shape.
  2. Solid color triangle tops can be a good choice as long as you choose one with adequate coverage and support.
  3. Bottoms that cut straight across your hips with side ties look great with simple tops.
  4. Ruffled or embellished bottoms will balance your top hourglass figure when paired with a simple top.
  5. Retro-style one piece suits with a ruffle around the hips are back in style and a great choice for your figure.
  6. Tankinis with a simple halter top paired with bottoms with side-ties, ruffles or embellishments are a great choice. Stay away from patterned tops with solid bottoms.

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