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Get the Body Shape Calculator Widget
for your blog or website!

The Body Shape Calculator takes minutes install on your website or blog. It will automatically respond based on the horizontal space allotted on your site, so limited coding knowledge is required!

Example of Wide Format


Example of Narrow Format

The widget will automatically format to the available size on your site with a maximum width of 800px pixels and a minimum width of 250 pixels.

Step 1
Copy the code below:

Step 2
Paste the code into the HTML code on your website.
You can choose the HTML tab from your CMS editor or use a traditional HTML editor to add the code.
The calculator is compatible with all website platforms. Including:

Plus all other CMS platforms

Specific instructions for WordPress are below:


  1. Select the page, post or sidebar you want to edit.
  2. Choose the “HTML” tab
  3. Paste the code where you would like the calculator to appear
  4. Preview and save your changes
screenshot of body shape calculator widget

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