2015 Sneak Peek: Fantastic Florals Fit for Every Fashionista

Spring 2015 Floral Fashion Trends

Hello There, Beautiful:

Whew! Attending New York Fashion Week can be completely exhausting! Running from show to show, jumping in and out of taxis, stopping for flicks of stylish fashionistas, and most importantly trend reporting can be a lot of work but it is all worth it when we get back to writing and sharing trends that we know are just your style.

As we recuperate from our fun, fashionable, and exciting time at New York Fashion Week, we have finally settled down so that we can deliver to you the fashion trends for Spring and Summer for 2015, straight from the runways.

There were so many trends that we absolutely adored, but one in vogue look that has remained the ultimate trend for the new and fresh season is floral prints. How absolutely fitting for the season, right?

When it comes to florals you want to avoid looking like a bouquet so you have to choose how to wear the right floral design and cut to be flattering to your amazing physique. Here are a few styles that we think you’re gonna love:

Spring 2015 floral peplum tops

The Floral Peplum: The floral peplum comes straight from the fashion heavens! It is flattering to most body shapes because it can cover the belly and makes it appear flat; it gives shape to your hips and creates curves. It also can make the breast appear fuller. This is a trend that we all can enjoy! Calculate your body shape here and learn more about how to dress your body type.

Spring 2015 floral pencil skirts

Floral Pencil Skirts: The floral pencil skirt is very trendy and complementing to your curves. It works especially well if you would like to accentuate your lower half to help balance an ample bust or broad shoulders. If you have a straight body shape, we love a floral skirt paired with a peplum top to give you all the right curves in all the right places. Calculate your shape here and learn more about how to calculate your body shape.

spring 2015 Floral Pants Suit

Floral Pants Suit: Hey ladies, don’t be afraid to wear florals from head to toe. A floral pants suit is quite flattering when you wear wide floral prints. What are wide floral prints, you ask? This is when the print is usually two colors and the flowers are wide apart. Wearing this style is all about choosing the right cut for your body shape and choosing a jacket that falls to the proper length for your body type. Calculate your shape here to learn what cuts are most flattering on your body type.

So will you dare to wear the fashionable floral trend?  We sure hope that you do because you are beautiful!

Leave a comment telling us what you think of the 2015 floral trend!

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